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Like most websites, we use cookies for a variety of purposes in order to improve your online experience, for analytics and for marketing. The below section provides detailed information of every cookie used in our site.

Essential Cookies

As the name implies, these are essential to the website’s core functionality and cannot be disabled. Disabling these cookies will effect the functionality of the site.

Session Cookie

All requests to Knowledge Base Online starts a session which stores the IP address in the session data and creates a session cookie in the user's browser. The IP address is used as a security measure to help protect against potential session hijacking attacks and this information is deleted once the session has expired and its data purged. The session cookie's name is based on a randomly generated hash and therefore does not have a constant identifier. The session cookie is destroyed once the session has expired or the user has exited their browser.
Our logging system records the Internet Protocol addresses (IP), Type of browser, Internet Service Provider (ISP), Time Stamp and Number of clicks. These log files are used to record various activity on our site, including information related to core updates, invalid login attempts, unhandled errors, and development information.Please note all of this information is NOT linked to anything that is personally identifiable.


The Invisible reCAPTCHA plugin integrates with Google's reCAPTCHA system as a spam protection service. As part of this service, the IP address of the user answering the captcha challenge is transmitted to Google.

Optional Cookies

These cookies are disabled by default and users are provided an opt-in prompt to choose the services if required.

Google Analytics

Google stores three cookies _ga, _gat_gtag_UA and _gid which are used to analyze user activity in order to improve the Site. We use basic analytics to know information about the visited pages, number of times the page was visited, browser version, user country, device type (Desktop/mobile) and time of visit.We have enabled IP Anonymization and disabled sharing of our analytics data with Google.

One Signal

One Signal stores a cookie _cfduid which is used if user's subscribe to Push Notifications from our site. This is not enabled by default and user's will be prompted to subscribe or op-out of the push notifications.


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